About Us
  • Over 25 years of business with a proven track record of high quality design at reasonable prices
  • Multiple styles of hatches, including Water Reservoir, H-20 Traffic Bearing, Roof Access and Basement hatches
  • Aluminum and stainless steel components, as well as some galvanized steel; special proprietary castings for handles, brackets and fittings
  • Engineered using the most advanced CAD software
  • Specialize in custom hatches and prepared to work with any special requirements necessary to fit your individual needs
  • Fast turnaround times, generally 2-3 weeks for custom hatches
Recent Clients:
  • Colorado River Authority: 25 hatches to refurbish the Colorado River aqueduct providing domestic water service to the city of Los Angeles; reservoir style hatches (larger hatches 7? x 10? and smaller hatches 3? x 3?) with NSF epoxy coating
  • Alaska Area Native Health Service: reservoir style hatches (6? x 7?)
  • Department of Water Supply, Hawaii: multiple reservoir style hatches
  • U.S. Coast Guard base, New London, CT: sidewalk hatch (6? x 7?)
  • Gentech: H-20 traffic bearing hatch (60? x 84?) with special access port
  • U.S. Navy Base: Two H-20 traffic bearing hatches (48? x 60?)
  • London Town Shopping Center, AZ: H-20 traffic bearing hatch (60? x 68?)